Working While Wet

June 15, 2008 - 10:05 PM

With standing water at it's highest point and many roads closed, the citizens of Iowa City and Coralville will attempt to go back to work tomorrow. Things have calmed down quite a bit this weekend and travel was actually quite lite on the reduced number of available roads. Officials were advising people to travel only when necessary, which is what we all did on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, however, travel becomes necessary if you want to make a living. Most businesses will attempt to resume some form of operation tomorrow if at all possible.

As I mentioned before, we've already helped a number of businesses relocate on Thursday and Friday. I expect more of the same starting tomorrow. I already know of several that we are going to need to provide technical assistance to in order to get them operational. Some have lost internet services over the weekend, while others were only able to physically move equipment at the end of last week, let alone hook it all up and make it work.

We also have several employees that live in Cedar Rapids and work down here in Iowa City. They will be attempting to make the trip down through some kind of detour. At last estimate, the detour made the once 25 minute drive into a 4 hour trip (one way).

This should be a Monday like none other.