"The Coralville Reservoir has crested"

June 15, 2008 - 2:48 PM

Most media outlets are now giving this report. It is based on a meeting the Army Corp had with the city of Iowa City.  They are saying the Res crested at exactly 717 ft overnight.  Looking at the Res on the Corps site--it does look very good.  Current levels are at 716.96.  What is very important to factor in is both rain and inflow to the reservoir.  It has rained a little here today--in fact currenty there is only about 1.5 inches predicted for the area in the next 5 days.  As far as inflow is concerned, immediate up from the res looks good for now, however there does seem to be some increses up the river a way.  Here is the link to watch the river levels above and below reservoir. According the site, it looks like there is still a change the water creeps a little over 717 by a few tenth of an inch.

 The other thing for us Iowa City folks to think about right now is that while the river may have crested at the reservoir, it is still a couple days from cresting around here.  So expect some increase here for the next day or two.  Still, glad to see that we may actually be seeing water go down sometime soon!