Thoughts from Dan

June 15, 2008 - 9:12 AM

Hi! I'm Dan Bovenmyer the one of the other owners of Cramer IT. Here a couple things I've been thinking:

1. I'm really interested to see what places like Normandy Drive (which is under water) look like. More specifically, I wonder if the sandbag walls got toppled or are still standing under water. If they are standing, let me ask this. Won't the sandbags there hold the water in when the river goes down?

2. Welcome to Iowa City Michael Lombardo! Iowa City hired a new city manager, Michael Lombardo, this month. He was welcomed to the city with officials holding shovels and sandbags. =) Seriously I've been very impressed with the local city officials. They are putting in long hours, and are working feverishly. The fact that there have been no serious injuries in the city so far is a testament to the job they are doing. Also props to 1st year president of U of I, Sally Mason.

3. Lindquist Center at U of I and the U of I Library are two places the University really wants to keep dry. Lindquist is the data center for the University, they have a tall strong 9 foot wall around it currently. The Library has millions of books, and there is no way to move all of them. I believe they are racing today to get books off the 1st floor.