Situation at University of Iowa

June 14, 2008 - 12:47 PM

UI Library Flood DangerWe have a situation at the University of Iowa. Over the past 4 days, university workers and volunteers have constructed a sandbag levee along the Iowa River next to the UI Memorial Union. Currently, this levee is in danger of being breached. If the levee is breached, water will flood into the University of Iowa along the east bank of the Iowa River, flooding university buildings including the University of Iowa Library. Hundreds of volunteers are frantically working now to sandbag the UI Library and move books to higher ground. Will their efforts be enough? Additional help is urgently needed near Burlington street at the University of Iowa to fortify and protect these buildings.

We just drove across the Iowa River on Burlington and water was coming across the road just before the bridge. We picked up some supplies and our bikes - bike travel is becoming more efficient than cars in many parts of town. On our way out, I saw that they have the closed sign ready to swing out into the road at any minute.


The Benton St. Bridge is now closed.